4k for cancer

A friend participated in a bike across America charity project as a part of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. This organization’s goal is to raise money and awareness for young adults, and their loved ones, affected by cancer. She conducted a fundraiser before leaving, for which I created a poster and advertisement, and also sold t-shirts to raise money, which I also designed.

The poster is designed to fit a regular letter-size paper, so that they could be printed by my friend in charge of the project and easily distributed around her college campus. The striking background image is bold to catch the eye of viewers and allow for legible text on the bottom half, as well as representing the actual farm where the event was being held. The font is bold to quickly catch the eye of passing students around campus, and textured to create a sense of nostalgia for the rustic family farm where participants will be able to enjoy a calm bike ride and ice cream, while supporting a charity.

This ad was designed to take up half a page in publications around the community. The same picture was used as in the poster, but the information text was made to be simpler, easy-to-read, and appropriate for hand-held publications, while maintaining the same header eye-catching font.

The fundraiser was located at an ice cream shop, so I created a graphic for the front of the shirt that pinpointed the three major locations for the 4k event using ice cream cones: the fundraising event location in North Carolina, the sendoff where the bikers began in Maryland, and the finishing point in Oregon. The graphic has a bicycle built into the outline of the United States and a dotted line to represent their bicycle travel across the country. This graphic is bold, iconic, and easily recognizable.