austin illustration

For this piece, I worked mostly with playing with spacing and arrangement in order to work within a grid and present an overall clean design, rather than have boxes arbitrarily placed in a confusing manner. I did research into the city of Austin, Texas – a city whose design aesthetic I really enjoy.

My particular design choices in this piece were influenced by one of my favorite design firms that I found while researching design firms all over the country. This firm is Zocalo Design, and their aesthetic and work can be found on their website, I enjoy their down-to-earth approach to design in the way that many of their pieces have a rustic or natural feel to them, while still remaining clean and professional. I pulled the parchment paper background texture idea from the intro page of their website, and the use of a burnt orange color from their logo. I chose the heading font to appeal to the rustic country feel that is representative of Texas; the subtitle font to bring in the playful aspect that is present in many Austin design aesthetics; and the information font as a clean, grounding font to compliment the other two while remaining legible and precise, but not boring or obvious. The narrower and skinnier boxes are both variations of the largest box size, with one shrunk by height and the other by width, so as to remain unified throughout the design.

This piece is designed to be folded and used as a handout from a visitor’s center or online for an Austin tourism site.


Austin illustration