beirut graphic

This poster was created for a class project under the hypothetical of creating interest in an upcoming Beirut concert. All of the elements of design are pulled from various Beirut-related iconography. The background is inspired by a scene from the music video for their song, “Elephant Gun”. In this scene, there are dangling string globe lights criss-crossing across the room. The band’s music tends to have a circusy, retro feel, as well as “elephant” being in the title of my favorite of their songs, inspired my choice of an elephant in the bottom left corner. The elephant is whimsically blowing balloon-inspired text from his trunk. This was inspired by an iconic image of balloons in front of the Eiffel tower that reminded me of the Beirut sound, especially since the group’s lead cited a major Francophile influence on their second album. The overall aesthetic of this poster is whimsical, indie, and retro circus-inspired.


Beirut graphic