bits & pieces thesis

This is a photographic study of textures on the body, examining contour and shadows made by the organic figure of the body. All photographs were shot on manual settings with various natural and artificial light sources. Each photograph is meant to be both an abstract art piece that stands alone, as well as something that reflects on the personality or lifestyle of the model.

"alcoholic art majors" red wine, chin
"glitz and glamour" sequins, sacrum
"forever springtime" flower petals, throat
"tfm" red solo cups, pectoralis major
"english breakfast" tea bags, scapula
"my own kinda paradise" sand, toes
"I take mine with a cup of joe" book pages, bicep
"the unicorn" paint, cheekbone
"up in ashes" cigarette ashes, wrist
"put it in print" india ink, fingers
"living young and wild and free" grass, feet soles
"perfect 10" bronzing powder, clavicle
"down and dirty" mud, knee
"nude and proud" gesso, breast
"deep thoughts" shaved chocolate, ankle
"divas don't sweat; they glisten" sweat, calf
"and the living's easy" cracker crumbs, belly button
"came to party" jello, tongue